Dependable Central Heating Systems

Keep the cold at bay with our boiler maintenance. Phone Nigel Gardner & Son based in Witney, Oxfordshire, for excellent central heating systems.

Awesome Upgrades

Take advantage of a great way to boost your home’s heating by keeping costs down. Upgrade your system with Nigel Gardner & Son, and see your boiler’s performance increase. Our upgrades include:

• System controls
• Thermostats
• Timed controls

• Radiator thermostats

Power Flush

Be amazed at the increase in performance you’ll see after a power flush from Nigel Gardner & Son. We give new life to your system by power flushing. This is a process when we clean out the silt accumulation in the pipes which effects the performance of your radiators. 

Boiler Pipes - Central Heating Systems

We start by removing suspect pipe work, which in our experience is usually in the area of the feed and vent where most of the hard packed accumulation occurs. We then renew this pipe work and correct any plumbing mistakes made during the original installation.

Improved Performance

Once we’ve done this we connect the power flush machine to a convenient position, usually in place of the system pump and refill the system with cleaning chemicals. Then fresh mains water is introduced at the same time as "dumping" the contaminated system water.

We finish off by introducing inhibitors that stay in to reduce the build-up of sludge in the future. The end is a clean system that is almost as good as new. This also makes it quieter and more efficient, allowing you to save money on your power bills. 

Nigel Gardner & Son also exclusively install Magna Clean, which is a filter that traps any sludge left in the machine that is checked every year along with the service.

Contact Nigel Gardner & Son for efficient central heating systems that keeps your bills down.